I make new intermedial applied performance work with and for young people and specific community groups in collaboration with a range of artists. My practice fuses live performance with digital technology and explores issues of heath and well-being, gender and sexual identities.

Dead End Outspoken


Dead End explored issues of sexual identity, mental health and suicide. The performance which took place at Worcester Arts Workshop was also live streamed across the UK and beyond using the social media platform, Instagram as a participatory tool for the young audiences to intervene and #changetheending




Heterophobia presents the struggle of a young male, Ryan attempting to ‘come out’ in a gay world. The new piece of work fuses urban street arts with live performance and digital technology whilst exploring and challenging young peoples preconceived ideas around issues of gender identity, sexual orientation and homophobia.




Catfish, a new piece of work exploring issues of online grooming and child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in collaboration with C&T.




Hyped a digital, interactive grime performance exploring issues of young mental health.